Who We Are

The Horse base “PlanaKon” is situated in the Planstitsa river valley, about 150 meter north of the so called Space Station PlanaSat. There is an asphalt road to the Space Station and than left – some 200 m dirty road to the base. Starting from Sofia, the road passes Bistrica and Zeleznica villages and immediately after Zeleznica, just at “Brezite” inn, there is a road fork east to Plana hamlets. After about 10 km there are a final fork left and right; you should go right to “Turmachka” hamlet, pass by this hamlet and reach Space Satellite Station where the asphalt road ends.
The complex is only 35 km (25 ml) from Sofia but is far away from any luxury and urban vanity, from any industry and business. Just woods, glades, country roads and horses, and wildlife…


Currently we have same 30 stabled horses. They, except the youngsters, are well trained for beginners’ first lessons in the arena as well as for advanced rides with a lot of canter and gallop and jumpings on various terrains.

PlanaKon activities started at the spring of 2008 inspired by with the main idea: to establish and maintain serious riding abilities, to set up natural and deep relationship with this ancient, faithful and gorgeous adherent of the man – THE HORSE.


Vlado Pavlov – 60 years old philosopher, windsurfer, skier & snowboarder, mountain bike rider, tennis player and horseman

Rumen Dimitrov – 55 years old engineer, windsurfer, skier & snowboarder, mountain bike rider and horseman

As an associate expert operates Mr. Rosen Minkovski – a 45 years old impresive horse specialist.

From July 2016 a new partner joined the team – Vasil Monev, who is keen & relaxed western rider as well as an technician & constructor.


+359 887220539 Vlado
+359 887438312 Rumen
+359 888840596 Rosen




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